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Program benefits

Teaching methodology

Our communicative methodology attempts to make students to communicate in Spanish from the first day through in-and-out class interactive activities. Due to our communicative approach, our students achieve a high language acquisition level, which allows them to develop the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish.

Specialized teachers

Our teachers are permanently trained; they all are specialists with a considerable experience in teaching foreign adults of different nationalities and mother tongues.

Multicultural classrooms

Students from all over the world converge in our Spanish classes, which is an enriching experience as we not only interact in Spanish but also learn about the culture and customs of each of them.

Program aimed at taking the DELE exam

Our students are trained by levels according to the Common European Framework effective worldwide. Upon finishing their studies, they have the opportunity to take the DELE exam for measuring and checking their proficiency level in the Spanish language.

Benefits by ICPNA

This program exclusively for students gives them access to different benefits in categories such as food, entertainment, beauty, fashion, education and many others. To get access to these free and optional benefits, students must accept the ICPNA Benefits upon their online registration.



Diaria Regular

Turnos disponibles


Certificate Icpna

Upon completing each phase, students receive a certificate. At the end of the entire program, they can participate in a graduation ceremony along with students from the English language program.


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Cultural Program

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